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Calprotectin: Bowel Inflammation Test


Who this test is for

In people presenting with lower abdominal pain or discomfort, bloating, or change in bowel habit. This test detects indirect signs of inflammation.


Faecal calprotectin test helps to distinguish between inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD) and non-inflammatory bowel diseases, such as irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)

  • Bowel inflammation such as IBD: Calprotectin level is raised
  • Symptoms include: Frequent bouts of diarrhoea, rectal bleeding, abdominal pain, weight loss or fever 
  • Functional bowel condition such as IBS: calprotectin level is not detected
  • Symptoms include: Abdominal pain, bloating, excessive wind, diarrhoea or constipation. 
What is being measured?

Calprotectin levels.  

Specimen requirements? 

Stool sample, minimum 10 gr.  

Special instructions? 

See instructions inside test kit for details. 

Turnaround Time? 

5 working days after receipt of sample.  


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Price includes

  • Stool sample kit: which contains one faecal collection paper, One collection tube with spoon, one Specimen safe mailing pack, one UN3733 labelled mailing envelope and Instructions for use
  • Postage & packaging: special pre-paid packaging is provided to return your sample safely, by post, to our laboratory for testing
  • Cost of laboratory Analysis is included
  • Medical questionnaire: a medical history questionnaire helps our doctors when explaining the abnormal result
  • Interpretation of results: abnormal result will be commented and advice given by one of our experienced GPs or specialists
  • Copy of laboratory result: results will be sent by email. If required, we will also send you a hard copy by post.
  • Free follow-up: your personalised follow-up ID number will allow you to access free confidential medical advice if required.